David Gonzales Retiring

Mark Davis on April 5, 2017

David Gonzales retiring after 15 years


I was very blessed to have David come to work at Village East in 2002, and after 15 years serving all of us faithfully, David has decided to retire. 

A little history:

David approached me as he was ending his career with GTE (with over 30+ years of service there) and said he didn’t want to just sit at home in his retirement and wanted to see if I needed any part-time help.  I initially told him that we didn’t have the budget for an additional employee….I was the only employee at the time.  David was persistent though, and he kept coming back every couple of weeks.  Finally after visiting with the board president, I was given the green light to hire David.  Within a few days after his retirement at GTE, he came to work for me.

David and I have truly experienced just about everything possible while he has worked here.  David has not only been a faithful employee, but a great friend to me as we watched and experienced the growth of Village East. 


Not goodbye, but we’ll be seeing you:

David has reassured us that he will continue to drop by and still help us with our events here at the Curry Center…yea!

Thanks David for all you’ve done over the years, you will be greatly missed!!!

Please join me and my staff in welcoming David to a wonderful retirement.